Definition of kewl in English:



  • nonstandard spelling of cool (sense 3 of the adjective)

    • ‘the citywide computer network where the kewl people hang out’
    • ‘The rest of the panel knew better than to pursue that line of questioning with the King of the Kewl Kids.’
    • ‘My boyfriend likes to take credit for this moment whenever he thinks I'm getting too "kewl" for my own good.’
    • ‘A mate has just emailed a kewl link to a fabby site full of those classic computer games from the 1980s.’
    • ‘Stan is the kewl guy on the show.’
    • ‘In fact, you were a pioneer of many Web movements and trends, including using "kewl" in 1998.’
    • ‘I thought it would be kewl to show everyone how to do it the easy way.’
    • ‘They just think it "sounds kewl".’
    • ‘Haha, I just thought that was kewl.’
    • ‘Geeks were cool, jargon was kewl.’
    • ‘It's like totally funny to watch them all get together and like act like they're sooo kewl—NOT!’
    • ‘Do we have an intention aside from telling a kewl story to ourselves?’
    • ‘Dunno exactly when though, but watch for it, he's a kewl guy.’
    • ‘It's kewl that Katie totally noticed that too.’
    • ‘Looks pretty damn kewl to me!’
    • ‘I downloaded this KEWL background for my desktop!’
    • ‘I think everyone should watch this movie because it's totally kewl and WAY better than that stupid book.’
    • ‘They are just too kewl.’
    • ‘Wouldn't that be kewl?’
    • ‘He's too kewl.’
    • ‘I even added a kewl song’



/k(y)o͞ol/ /k(j)ul/


1990s representing an affected or exaggerated pronunciation of cool.