Definition of kewpie in English:



(also kewpie doll)
  • A type of doll characterized by a large head, big eyes, chubby cheeks, and a curl or topknot on top of its head.

    ‘If you can make it all the way through, I will mail you a kewpie doll.’
    • ‘Unglazed ceramic versions were huge sellers in the 1910s, and by the '30s, lower-quality kewpies were popular giveaways at carnivals and festivals.’
    • ‘The Kewpie doll dates back to 1909, when it first appeared in cartoons in Ladies Home Journal.’
    • ‘So you can imagine my surprise when she asked for a Kewpie doll for Christmas!’
    • ‘According to O'Neill, the cherubic-looking characters upon which the Kewpie doll was based came to her in a dream.’



/ˈkyo͞opē/ /ˈkjupi/


Early 20th century (originally US): from Cupid+ -ie.