Definition of key signature in English:

key signature

Pronunciation /ki ˈsɪɡnətʃʊ(ə)r/

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  • Any of several combinations of sharps or flats after the clef at the beginning of each stave, indicating the key of a composition.

    ‘Guidelines for clefs, key signatures, bar-lines, and notes are similarly drawn in.’
    • ‘For example, the given notated B-flat cornet part has a key signature of one sharp.’
    • ‘The student soon realizes that key signatures with the resulting sharps or flats are the consequence of a consistent melodic sequence contained within a scale pattern.’
    • ‘Purcell's first seven pieces introduce various fingering combinations, simple ornaments and key signatures.’
    • ‘As its minor key signature suggests, it is more disturbed and disturbing than Mozart's opus, and struggle and resignation intermingle among its pages.’