Definition of keyed in English:



  • 1(of a locking mechanism or switch) operated by a key.

    ‘keyed locks for windows’
    • ‘executive floors with private keyed elevator access’
    • ‘Someone has to be letting him into these keyed zones.’
    • ‘A traditional keyed lock adds security to this gate.’
    • ‘Every one of these locks has a keyed component too.’
    • ‘The company markets combination cable locks and keyed cable locks.’
    • ‘We don't typically blame keyed lock manufacturers for their locks being vulnerable.’
    • ‘They are asking producers for keyed ignition switches, tracking systems and machines with homing devices.’
    • ‘What if that keyed component was easily picked?’
    • ‘Several styles of door locks (including keyed models) are readily available.’
    • ‘They have built-in combination or keyed locks and cost $10 to $20.’
    • ‘Tenants had keyed access to the central gardens.’
    1. 1.1Secured, fastened, or strengthened by means of a pin, bolt, or wedge.
      ‘the traditional way to transfer load was with a keyed joint’
      • ‘The raised hinge, or keyed area, for heatsink installation is directed towards the ram, rather than the edge of the motherboard.’
      • ‘Near the keyed area of the socket, there's a chip that may interfere with the mounting installation.’
      • ‘On the side where the keyed area is, this is where you'll need to push down to connect the retention clip to the prongs.’
      • ‘The bit where the cable goes into the wheel hub uses a kind of keyed spline to ensure the cable is fitted correctly.’
      • ‘Most experts don't recommend keyed joints because they don't transfer load very well once the concrete shrinks and the joint opens.’
  • 2Produced by pressing keys on a computer keyboard, telephone pad, etc.

    ‘keyed data’
    • ‘keyed passages’
    • ‘To send mail to you in the future, they need to jot down your keyed address or save it in their contacts list.’
    • ‘If you start getting junk via the keyed address, you know who sold the spammers your address and can terminate the account.’
    • ‘The method enhances data recoverability in keyed database records.’
    • ‘The answer sheet contained the keyed responses.’
    • ‘The program is backed by a keyed database.’
    • ‘The original document will be carefully handled and safely returned (along with a keyed copy of the data contents).’
    • ‘It also provided space for the reviewers to comment on the correctness of the keyed response.’
    • ‘Keyed data were returned and edited in-house.’
    • ‘Wrongly keyed characters include: characters adjacent on the keyboard to the correct character, eg "n" for "m" and vice versa.’
    • ‘Here's some code that shows how to "safely" write to the memopad in a keyed manner as well as non-keyed.’
    1. 2.1(of a musical instrument) having levers which are depressed by the fingers to play notes.
      ‘modern keyed trumpets’
      • ‘The Bohemian works were written for the keyed trumpet's predecessor, the valve trumpet.’
      • ‘Haydn composed this piece to show the chromatic possibility of the then-new keyed trumpet.’
      • ‘Serpents, bass horns, and keyed bugles were used until valved brass instruments arrived on the scene.’
      • ‘Bamboo flutes add a ghostly, subtle melodic backbone to the more intricate interplay on the keyed instruments.’
      • ‘There are a wide array of xylophone-like keyed instruments, which provide the distinctive metallic rhythms and shimmering melodies that are the foundation of gamelan music.’
      • ‘A family of keyed instruments played with the thumbs and forefingers, mbira are important for the religious, familial, community, and personal life of the Shona people.’
      • ‘The sax is a keyed instrument - and it's quite difficult to blend notes.’
      • ‘Pianos and keyed wind instruments deal in fixed intervals between notes, so they resolve both c sharp and d flat to the same frequency.’
      • ‘He became a pupil of the cathedral organist, who gave him a thorough training as a composer and as a performer on keyed instruments, the oboe and the violin.’
      • ‘The full gamelan orchestra consists of bronze gongs, keyed metallophones (like xylophones), drums, a flute, a rebab fiddle, and a celempung zither.’
  • 3(of a map, table, etc.) having an explanatory list of symbols.

    ‘a keyed map’
    • ‘There is an index in the front which lists the restaurants alphabetically, with a number keyed map facing the index page.’
    • ‘In this test, the time required for an individual to place 25 grooved pegs in a keyed pegboard is recorded.’
    • ‘After attaching all the color keyed cords to the proper spots, I was ready to test these bad boys out.’
    • ‘Keyed guides take you through a deductive series of questions - what shape is the leaf; what color is the flower - that leads to identifying a single species.’
    • ‘It is the subject of a keyed reference map.’



/kēd/ /kid/