Definition of keyhole saw in English:

keyhole saw


  • A saw with a long, narrow blade for cutting small holes such as keyholes.

    • ‘Use the utility knife to make long cuts and a keyhole saw for the cross cuts.’
    • ‘He sawed the blanks from a redwood railroad tie, shaped the bodies with a spoke shave, and cut the pine heads with a keyhole saw and a brace-and-bit.’
    • ‘If a saber saw is not available to you, a hand saw will work just as well for the straight edged sawing and a keyhole saw will work for the curved edges.’
    • ‘Now use the keyhole saw normally and cut down through the board.’
    • ‘Use a keyhole saw and utility knife to cut out the damaged portion and clean out broken pieces around the edges of the hole.’
    • ‘Outline the opening in pencil and cut it out with a keyhole saw or circle cutter.’
    • ‘Cut the shorter length with a wallboard saw or keyhole saw.’
    • ‘Use your utility knife or keyhole saw to cut out the hole for your new box.’
    • ‘Other saws on exhibit include the coping, compass and keyhole saws, which are used for detail work.’
    • ‘Cut fixture and border tiles to size, using keyhole saws, and insert them into surrounding frameworks.’
    • ‘The keyhole saw allows for the formation of curved cuts during the procedure to install drywall.’
    • ‘So when you need to cut a hole in your wall, the keyhole saw can really get the job done.’
    • ‘Then he continues to refine the sculpture using smaller keyhole saws, gouges and microplanes.’
    • ‘To make a drywall bandage, use a keyhole saw to make the hole into a square or a rectangle.’
    • ‘If you can't find the keyhole saws when you go to the hardware store, ask the clerk where to find ‘wall board’ saws, and the tiny keyhole saws will be there, too.’
    • ‘If you have a pole saw of the socket type, it can be detached from the pole and serve as a substitute for the saws which look like the small compass or keyhole saws used by carpenters.’
    • ‘For cutting electrical outlet holes and other small rough sawing, where a powered saber saw will not fit, a self starting keyhole saw is very handy and comfortable to use.’
    • ‘The keyhole saw will minimize the vibration between the span of the rafters and will be less likely to cause the drywall to break or crack.’
    • ‘Use the keyhole saw and cut any remaining portions of the wall out so that the patch will fit into the hole.’
    • ‘If you don't have one of those in your toolbox then stop in at your favourite hardware store and pick up a hack saw blade or a stiff scroll saw blade or even a keyhole saw to make carving that pumpkin a safe job for even a small child.’