Definition of keylogger in English:



  • A computer program that records every keystroke made by a computer user, especially in order to gain fraudulent access to passwords and other confidential information.

    • ‘The keylogger allows the hackers to monitor any activity on the infected machine - in effect to control the computer.’
    • ‘One of the files contained inside the Zip archive file is a keylogger which can send messages to an Indonesian email address.’
    • ‘Hackers allegedly captured the code by using key loggers that they installed on company computers.’
    • ‘Then the keylogger comes to life to do what it was created for - to steal information.’
    • ‘Called the Italian Job, because most of the pages were hosted in Italy, the trojan downloaded a keylogger designed to steal banking data.’
    • ‘Come back a month or two later, get the logs, and wipe out the keylogger.’
    • ‘Sophos has updated its product to incorporate complete protection against the virus and its keylogger.’
    • ‘It does this via a keylogger which specifically collects user logins for online banks (the ones which do not use one-time passwords).’
    • ‘This keylogger can be completely hidden from anyone finding it on the system anywhere.’
    • ‘If you own the computer you can put whatever keylogger you want on it.’
    • ‘It can install a keylogger to get your passwords.’
    • ‘This Yahoo article is claiming that phishers are increasingly employing key loggers to gather data which they later use for identity theft (fraud).’
    • ‘Users of dedicated systems, such as personal laptops, generally present a lower risk, though an infection of spyware could still install a key logger.’
    • ‘And we don't mean the risk of doing bad investments; we mean losing access to your trading account because your computer got infected by a keylogger.’
    • ‘However, with the rise of phishing, key loggers and associated risks, I now see the true value of my little device!’
    • ‘Er… what are you installing a keylogger on?’
    • ‘The keylogger contained in the email installs itself automatically and then collects details of logins and passwords from the unsuspecting user.’
    • ‘In some cases, the spyware may include key loggers that could lead to intellectual property theft and corporate espionage.’
    • ‘Key loggers can be on your system recording every keystroke and emailing it to an attacker, enemy or even your spouse.’
    • ‘What if you opened a malicious email attachment that installs a nasty virus, worm or keylogger that steals your personal information?’