Definition of Keynesianism in English:


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  • The economic theory or practice based on the ideas of the English economist John Maynard Keynes.

    ‘a return to Keynesianism’
    • ‘Without the political achievements of Keynesianism, neoliberalism would be political suicide.’
    • ‘His faith was in a simplistic Keynesianism that said willy-nilly government spending could cure the downturn.’
    • ‘At issue is the government's post-crisis stimulus spending, and the basic tenets of Keynesianism.’
    • ‘When things fall apart, states still turn to Keynesianism.’
    • ‘The economist disagrees with his interpretation of events and believes Keynesianism is not the best solution.’
    • ‘The economics practiced by your party is Keynesianism.’



/ˈkānzēəˌnizəm/ /ˈkeɪnziəˌnɪzəm/