Definition of keyway in English:



  • 1A slot cut in a part of a machine or an electrical connector, to ensure correct orientation with another part which is fitted with a key.

    ‘They rebuild engines and transmissions, work on air conditioning units, repair hydraulics, turn crankshafts, cut keyways, fabricate metal truck boxes, and even extend truck frames.’
    • ‘Dowels capture the gears, while keyways align with holes in the spacer.’
    • ‘These wheels were purchased preassembled, with keyways already cut into the hubs.’
    • ‘Stuck because someone glued a matchstick into the keyway with epoxy resin?’
    • ‘The integral lock is present, its keyway sitting atop the current style cylinder latch.’
    • ‘Using a key inserted three quarters the way into the keyway usually works best in turning out the cylinder.’
    • ‘You just put the key into the keyway, turn it and the gun cannot be fired.’
    • ‘A diagram of the keys and keyways is available to identify the match to your padlock.’
    • ‘We now offer stepped bore rigid couplings with standard keyways in each bore.’
    1. 1.1A keyhole for a flat key.



/ˈkēwā/ /ˈkiweɪ/