Definition of khadi in English:



(also khaddar)
  • An Indian homespun cotton cloth.

    as modifier ‘her plain khadi sari’
    • ‘That was the kind of cloth Gandhi wanted to be replaced by our own homespun khadi.’
    • ‘He was as usual immaculately dressed in crisp white khadi cotton.’
    • ‘The company comes out with products purely based on hand spun cloth or khadi.’
    • ‘Also, only cotton, silk, wool or khadi can be used.’
    • ‘The Tusser silk and khadi silk saris are also in good demand here.’
    • ‘The cloth preferred for this is the home-spun, locally-woven and dyed khadi.’
    • ‘With the introduction of khadi and the spinning wheel by Gandhiji, there was a big turnabout in the financial affairs of the British eventually leading to their downfall.’
    • ‘And this frail woman in her khadi sari worked till she was 80, gracefully living with her Parsi daughter-in-law, always encouraging her and admiring her for what she did.’
    • ‘The other themes of the show, revolved around food, wildlife, forces of nature, drapes, traditional arts and crafts, khadi and denim.’
    • ‘Clay dolls, terra cotta items, khadi, handloom saris and dress materials are on display.’
    • ‘The mobile unit would serve to take khadi textiles and other rural products to the people.’
    • ‘At a time when rural unemployment is high, weavers of fine khadi in Andhra Pradesh are turning away from traditional weaving and spinning, all for lack of proper support.’
    • ‘Once a dull, coarse material, today khadi is a multicolored wonder fabric with weaves as fine as muslin.’
    • ‘When one uses khadi clothes and other products marketed by khadi industries, one is supporting the spirit of freedom and nationality.’
    • ‘The khadi campaigners hope that the humble fabric will serve as the rallying force for awakening an entire nation, once again.’
    • ‘The same worker who is involved in making khadi can be utilised much more efficiently in the modern textile industry, which is a lot more profitable.’
    • ‘The same khadi fabric can make you feel cool in summer and warm in winter.’
    • ‘He said the institutions engaged in khadi production received a boost when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister.’
    • ‘It looks as if the revival of khadi is well on its way - in the next year, nine more designer Khadi stores are planned in Delhi, and outside.’
    • ‘It's good to see such great person dressed in khaddar.’



/ˈkädē/ /ˈkɑdi/


From Punjabi, from Hindi khādī.