Definition of khanate in English:



See khan

‘Built in 1792 as a summer retreat, it's a charming legacy of the days when Azerbaijan was a chaotic jumble of rival khanates and principalities.’
  • ‘The struggle between Russia and Great Britain in the late nineteenth century saw major Central Asian khanates, such as Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent, fall under Russian influence.’
  • ‘All three khanates fell to the Russians between 1865 and 1873.’
  • ‘In the next century an Englishman employed by the Tsar visited Central Asia, and this was followed by the dispatch of emissaries to the various khanates of the region.’
  • ‘In 1873 the Russians established their control over Khiva, the last of the major independent khanates of Central Asia.’



/ˈkänāt/ /ˈkɑneɪt/