Definition of kibbeh in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkibē/ /ˈkɪbi/


  • A Middle Eastern dish of ground lamb with bulgar wheat and seasonings, eaten cooked or raw.

    • ‘With other Middle Eastern specialties like kibbeh, kofta, and hummus with ground sirloin on offer, the restaurant seems a good bet for further adventures in exotic cuisine.’
    • ‘The Lebanese national dish is kibbeh, made of either lamb or beef and cracked wheat (bulghur, or birghol).’
    • ‘This is the grain most often used in tabbouleh and kibbeh, two popular Middle Eastern dishes.’
    • ‘Many Middle Eastern dishes such as kibbeh are based on the idea of using stuffing.’
    • ‘With the oven-baked vegetable kibbeh, apple slices provide crisp counterpoint to the grainy bulghur wheat.’


From Egyptian Arabic kubba ‘ball, lump’.



/ˈkibē/ /ˈkɪbi/