Definition of kibbutznik in English:


Pronunciation /kiˈbo͝otsnik/ /kɪˈbʊtsnɪk/


  • A member of a kibbutz.

    • ‘It was a mixed experience: I didn't get along particularly well with other kibbutzniks, but I enjoyed the work and I admired the Israelis, particularly those my age.’
    • ‘Yet at the same time, especially since the baby boomers came on the scene, many American women have treated the experience of motherhood as an exercise in self-expression - indeed, they do so more fervently than the kibbutzniks.’
    • ‘The kibbutznik, however, ended up achieving distinction not as a farmer but as a soldier.’
    • ‘To the kibbutznik, the story is one of heroic volunteers establishing themselves in the face of a hostile population.’
    • ‘He grew up as a kibbutznik in the Galil, the son of swamp-draining idealists from the Ukraine.’
    • ‘‘It's hard to believe now, but we used to actually drink the water and go swimming with the children without worrying,’ the 83-year-old Israeli kibbutznik said.’
    • ‘But now that it's over, the kibbutzniks and uprooted settlers have to find ways to live together.’
    • ‘It wasn't until last year that the kibbutzniks of Degania, ardent Zionists, voted to build a synagogue.’
    • ‘It was as part of this larger socialist vision that the kibbutzniks set out to wipe away gender.’
    • ‘The young kibbutzniks are comprised of two groups, one from veteran kibbutzim and the other from cities.’
    • ‘Lately kibbutzniks and volunteers have started to restore the system, as an archaeological attraction.’
    • ‘He helps the three or four kibbutzniks handle the crops, with extra help only being needed at harvest time.’
    • ‘On graduating from high school, he spent 11 years as a kibbutznik in the Valley of Jezre'el.’
    • ‘Slowly, I turned round and round to look into the face of each of the kibbutzniks, one by one.’
    • ‘The kibbutzniks have their own living units but meals are taken together in the communal hall.’
    • ‘One of the kibbutzniks even taught us about making beautiful durable houses out of mud.’
    • ‘The kibbutzniks would then be compensated for this transaction at 51 percent of its value.’
    • ‘They had a cosmopolitan, mysterious air about them that other kibbutzniks had not.’
    • ‘The kibbutznik who is bringing order to a hodgepodge of classic Jewish texts is Nurit Feinstein, 25, a native of the kibbutz, which is just north of the Haifa suburbs.’



/kiˈbo͝otsnik/ /kɪˈbʊtsnɪk/