Definition of kibosh in English:


(also kybosh)


informal in phrase put the kibosh on
  • Put an end to; dispose of decisively.

    ‘he put the kibosh on the deal’
    • ‘Were you ever with a guy in a relationship with somebody so obsessed with something that you had to kind of put the kibosh on either the guy or that thing?’
    • ‘The city council nearly put the kybosh on the appearance by objecting to the original plan - a midnight appearance - because of safety concerns.’
    • ‘But the shortage of ammunition, which allowed the game birds to grow in number, put the kibosh on shooting almost entirely, and the birds multiplied in comparative peace.’
    • ‘It was only after King George III put the kibosh on the pipeline project that things changed.’
    • ‘This puts the kybosh on any claims that quality has radically improved in the past couple of years.’
    • ‘Tim has a history of failed romances, generally because his meddling mom puts the kybosh on things.’
    • ‘Assuming he puts the kibosh on that request, I need some backup plans for infiltrating the ice cream store.’
    • ‘You can also take the capsules, but the liquid puts the kybosh on the appetite, pronto.’
    • ‘Fortunately, Congress came to their senses and put the kybosh on the whole sordid affair.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the snow's put the kybosh on most of the festival fun planned for Saturday.’
    put a stop to, check, curb, stop, halt, bring to an end, put an end to, nip in the bud, quash, block, cancel, scotch, thwart, frustrate, prevent, quell, suppress


[with object]informal
  • Decisively end or reject (something)

    ‘the presence of a submarine would kibosh the operation’
    ‘fortunately, the proposal was kiboshed’
    • ‘That idea was kiboshed.’
    • ‘Plans to incentivize journalists based on audience figures was kiboshed and criticized for encouraging clickbait style journalism.’
    • ‘They've kiboshed any discounts for locals and the local industry people.’
    • ‘The money was not included in this year's health budget, and in May, the draft agreement was kiboshed.’
    • ‘Native groups opposed to the plan hope her opposition will help to finally kibosh the project.’
    • ‘We don't believe that this low inflation print will kibosh the hikes that we had pencilled in for April and June of this year.’
    • ‘The Prime minister went on television to kibosh their plans for a second referendum.’
    • ‘The next generation of offshore wind farms looks set to be kiboshed because energy companies aren't prepared to invest on the subsidies being offered by the Government.’
    • ‘Its plan to let customers use their savings to off-set their mortgage was kiboshed by the government last year.’
    • ‘The proposal should have been kiboshed by the leader the moment he saw it.’


Mid 19th century of unknown origin.