Definition of kick back in English:

kick back

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phrasal verb

informal North American
  • Be at leisure; relax.

    • ‘he has not been able to kick back and enjoy his success’
    • ‘I'm about to take a week's annual leave starting next week so I'm going to be able to kick back and relax a little.’
    • ‘Picnics are a time to kick back, relax and enjoy tasty, yet easy-to-prepare food with friends.’
    • ‘The past few months have just been go, go, go and at last I'm getting the chance to kick back and relax.’
    • ‘After the race, I was able to kick back and enjoy a nice dinner with our family, while Michael was resting up for his race on Sunday.’
    • ‘It's an ideal place to kick back and unwind in one of the most exquisite corners of Scotland.’
    • ‘Instead, I'm going to kick back with a few glasses of red, relax, and enjoy what I have not had in twenty days: a weekend.’
    • ‘On our last day, we opted to kick back and enjoy the rustic luxury of our digs at the Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch.’
    • ‘I was more than ready to kick back and enjoy the simple Sunday brunch.’
    • ‘Everyone looks forward to a carefree summer and time to kick back on the boat and relax.’
    • ‘I don't know why, but sweet ice tea never tastes better than when you're kicking back in a lawn chair, belly full, sleepy eyes drooping as you listen to the band.’
    relax, unwind, take it easy, rest, take one's ease, slow down, let up, ease off, ease up, be at leisure, sit back, laze, enjoy oneself
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