Definition of kick drum in English:

kick drum


  • A bass drum played using a pedal.

    • ‘The production here is a little better, although the guitars are buried in the mix, and the kick drum is too loud.’
    • ‘The kick drum and bass were tight and clear, and the top end was smooth and easy on my ears.’
    • ‘Musicians can waste hours on a kick drum, so you have to be careful of stuff like that.’
    • ‘Fast airwaves, like those created by cymbals, are not going to be picked up as much by the speaker as the low end of the kick drum.’
    • ‘For example, a bass line generated from a kick drum ends up sounding like it's really dragging behind the beat.’
    • ‘And then there's me, lost among the stacked clutter of snares, cymbals and a kick drum.’
    • ‘Tonight's show was betrayed by a poor sound mix, it was very heavy on the kick drum, plus the guitars were buried down in it.’
    • ‘The drums quickly kick in with a fast snare and an even faster kick drum.’
    • ‘There's bass and lead guitar work with various levels of distortion, a drum set that doesn't let up on the kick drum or hi-hat, and a decent pop vocalist.’
    • ‘They had a ‘drum kit’ consisting of a lone cymbal, kick drum and snare.’
    • ‘The drummer rarely plays on the beat, often just skittering about on the rims of his drums, placing well-timed thumps with his kick drum and splashing about on his cymbals.’
    • ‘For the entire length of the song, there is a kick drum on the 1st and 3rd beats, and a snare on the 2nd and 4th.’
    • ‘I like that sound that's going through all the frequencies in the background, playing along with the kick drum, at least in the verse's opening.’
    • ‘The stereo system is stripped and a 500,000-watt system is put in, one that causes sonic booms every time a kick drum plays.’
    • ‘The beat of the kick drum is the sound of a brass doorknocker thumping outside the vast, hollow halls of limbo.’
    • ‘Liz's vocals range from operatic to grunge, I play flute and kick drum at the same time and Jodie plays around with different rhythms on the cello.’
    • ‘And a drummer who is serious about recording really ought to keep a kick drum especially for that purpose.’
    • ‘Also vary up the beat - move the kick drums around a little, and occasionally add another snare or something.’
    • ‘Often, just the snare and kick drums are sufficient, but if you play a style that uses a good amount of toms or cymbals, you can add triggers to those drums too.’
    • ‘Generally speaking, for most rock or jazz sounding kick drums you are going to want to use beaters with felt on the ends.’


kick drum

/kɪk drəm/