Definition of kick something around in English:

kick something around

phrasal verb

  • Discuss an idea casually or idly.

    ‘they had begun to kick around the idea of sending a man into space’
    • ‘‘These are generally brainstorming sessions where you kick interesting ideas around; you raise issues and discuss issues,’ he said ‘It's a mini think-tank more than anything.’’
    • ‘For the first time in the band's history, they had problems coming up with something fresh and the more they kicked ideas around or worked them up in concert the less happy they were.’
    • ‘It would be helpful if we could kick some ideas around on how to meet your goal.’
    • ‘The questions are kicked around by politicians, parents and educationists every August, but the students who take the exams have views too.’
    • ‘Vendors were contacted and ideas were kicked around by all parties (with mixed results).’
    • ‘The book has been kicked about as a film project since the late 1970s - it was once to have been a TV movie starring John Travolta.’
    • ‘It gets scrutinized and argued about and kicked around and analyzed.’
    • ‘We've been kicking around ideas for a change in basic format for quite some time now, and our Managing Editor is the driving force behind the entire scheme.’
    • ‘Chris, Bart, and I have been kicking around the idea of doing a rock opera for four years now.’
    • ‘The idea for an Office of Homeland Security had been kicked around for years.’