Definition of kick the bucket in English:

kick the bucket


  • Die.

    • ‘when the old girl finally kicked the bucket there was no mention of yours truly in the will’
    • ‘He wanted to do his own thing and he wanted to do it now - not down the track when his father finally kicked the bucket.’
    • ‘But in spite of the fact, when he kicks the bucket and departs his mortal coil, it is going to be one of the biggest funerals in the Bahamas.’
    • ‘Even though the British Empire had long since kicked the bucket, the expats could still be found pretty much anywhere the Brits had a former colony.’
    • ‘When rich Americans kick the bucket, they invariably will a good sum to their alma maters, pet charities or research institutions.’
    • ‘If I kick the bucket, half of everything immediately goes to the government, because we're not legally married.’
    • ‘Heck, I've had 2 dramatically different careers already and am contemplating a good few more before I kick the bucket!’
    • ‘This would be an optimum age to kick the bucket, I feel, as I'd never have to suffer the indignity of reaching 40.’
    • ‘The film's title refers to a wish list that two terminally ill men try to fulfill before each kicks the bucket.’
    • ‘I always wanted to have a rich relative who kicked the bucket and left all his money to me.’
    • ‘I see the old man finally kicked the bucket.’