Definition of Kickapoo in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkikəˌpo͞o/ /ˈkɪkəˌpu/

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nounKickapoo, Kickapoos

  • 1A member of a North American people formerly living in Wisconsin, and now in Kansas, Oklahoma, and north central Mexico.

    ‘Historically recorded groups include Apaches, Comanches, Kickapoos, and Kiowas.’
    • ‘Several tribes, especially the Cherokees and Creeks in the South and the Shawnees, Kickapoos, Miamis, and others north of the Ohio River, held substantial military power.’
    • ‘This Indian Territory was where eastern Indian tribes such as the Kickapoos, Delawares, and Shawnees lived.’
    • ‘Determined to return to Illinois, Black Hawk in April 1832 led dissident Sauks, Mesquakies, and Kickapoos back across the Mississippi, setting off the short-lived Black Hawk War.’
    • ‘In Texas, only three federally-recognized tribes remain, the Alabama Coushatta Tribe on the eastern border, the Ysleta del Sur on the southwestern border and the Kickapoo in Eagle Pass, Tex.’
    • ‘In 1838, the Battle Creek Fight engaged Kickapoo Indians with determined Texans, and these struggles continued throughout 1839, as the Kickapoo, Cherokee, and Shawnee united together against Texans.’
    • ‘Note also that in 1839, the Kickapoo and the Shawnee were allied together in Texas during the Cherokee War.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the Kickapoos remain among the most traditional of all North American Indian groups.’
    • ‘The first removal of the Kickapoos was to the State of Missouri, living there on the Osage River.’
    • ‘The heirs were Kickapoos who had received allotments in the same reservation in their own right.’
    • ‘In this letter, Reading Wood Black proposes to negotiate a treaty to persuade the Kickapoos to leave the area.’
    • ‘The Kickapoos were at the battle of Tippecanoe in considerable numbers, and fought with frenzied courage.’
    • ‘The predominant Indian tribes in the Navarro County area were the Kickapoos, and Comanches.’
    • ‘The Kickapoos quirted their ponies upslope from the creek bed, charging the horse herd and its startled guards.’
    • ‘The first location of the Kickapoos in Kansas was on the southeast corner of their reservation, near Fort Leavenworth.’
    • ‘In 1983, they were joined by another party of Kickapoo who had become dissatisfied with the reservation life in Kansas.’
    • ‘Not until the twentieth century did the Kickapoos receive just treatment at the hands of the United States government.’
    • ‘Considered the most traditional of all North American Indian tribes, the Kickapoo maintain much of their traditional culture, religion, and language.’
  • 2The Algonquian language of the Kickapoo.


  • Relating to the Kickapoo or their language.

    ‘Though the Kickapoo tribe sold the land to the federal government in 1815, the Miamis argued that the area really wasn't theirs to sell: the Miamis already owned it.’
    • ‘This diorama shows a reconstruction of the lifeway of the historic Kickapoo people in Illinois.’
    • ‘Here is a picture of a Kickapoo wickiup and some more information about wickiups and other Indian brush shelters.’
    • ‘Adjacent to the Village of LaFarge is the Kickapoo Valley Reserve - 8,600 acres of natural beauty.’
    • ‘Those houses were traditional Kickapoo style houses, something many people did not understand.’
    • ‘As a result the Kickapoo people are unable to safely drink, bathe or cook with tap water.’


From Kickapoo kiikaapoa.