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  • 1A sudden forceful recoil.

    ‘the kickback from the gun punches your shoulder’
    • ‘The gun, though supposedly effective at close quarters, has so much recoil and kickback that it is usually not worth the trouble.’
    • ‘His ears were ringing from the explosion of the gun and the kickback had bruised his shoulder when the gun went off.’
    • ‘The thrust from the kickback of the gun sent me to my back.’
    • ‘Bar nose kickback is one of the more common causes of serious chainsaw injury accidents.’
    recoil, kick, rebound
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  • 2 informal A payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, especially illicitly.

    • ‘the ruling party depends on contributions and kickbacks’
    • ‘Of course they are the beneficiaries of kickbacks and illicit hordes of money safely stashed in cash and kind, in many cases also abroad.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is widely known within the media and political circles that transnational companies are routinely involved in the payment of bribes and kickbacks to governments around the world.’
    • ‘He accepted the money in return for granting official appointments and received kickbacks for approving various construction projects, the report said.’
    • ‘The past five months have brought charges of price gouging, illegal insider trading, kickbacks and payola that have rocked the industry.’
    • ‘The payment of kickbacks to mid-level and senior bureaucrats is necessary for firms to win government procurement contracts in many parts of the world.’
    • ‘Prosecutors say the company steered clients to certain insurance policies with costlier premiums in return for kickbacks.’
    • ‘It is alleged that these employees colluded with certain builders who were contracted by the trust and in return received certain kickbacks.’
    • ‘This time he's after insurance companies for paying kickbacks to brokers in return for steering customers to them.’
    • ‘Five other doctors, accused of receiving kickbacks in return for patient referrals, are also facing charges.’
    • ‘In not a single instance did the United States choose to block any transaction due to suspected kickbacks.’
    • ‘Maintaining good personal relations with everyone is very important as favors, bribes, kickbacks, and connections all come into play when making the final deal.’
    • ‘Payoffs and kickbacks and cheating and lying to the public are a way of life.’
    • ‘Basically he's saying that unless everyone got kickbacks in proportion to their contributions, nobody got kickbacks.’
    • ‘A legacy of nomadic lifestyles gives people a sense of defiant self-rule, observers say, while the nation's poverty nurtures discontent toward people in power who take bribes and kickbacks.’
    • ‘He is accused of amassing billions of pesos in payoffs from illegal gambling operators and kickbacks from tobacco taxes and questionable government investments while in office.’
    • ‘The charges also include misusing his office for personal gain and seeking bribes and salary kickbacks from his staff.’
    • ‘A succession of witnesses have since come out to implicate the president - some of them also accusing her of using kickbacks from illegal gambling to finance the electoral fraud.’
    • ‘One further accused her of human rights violations, corruption and, together with her family, of receiving kickbacks from illegal gambling operators.’
    • ‘Those who are found to be taking bribes or kickbacks will face strict punishment and may be disqualified.’
    • ‘It should step up efforts to comprehensively solve the illegal alien labor problem ranging from illegal immigration, kickbacks, and protection by influential persons.’
    bribe, payment, reward, recompense, inducement
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/ˈkikˌbak/ /ˈkɪkˌbæk/