Definition of kid sister in English:

kid sister


  • A younger sister.

    • ‘if you weren't his kid sister I'd have given you a far harder time’
    • ‘I like having a kid sister and I miss not having another younger sister or brother to look out for.’
    • ‘The plaintivenss of Ruth's can't-get-a-date plight is underlined by her kid sister's attractiveness to every member of the opposite sex.’
    • ‘This time my kid sister Jan and her husband, who live in Texas, have had to face the agony of whether or not to move out, and decided it was better to join that terrifying exodus.’
    • ‘Coming along with her, in the junior section, was her kid sister, Sofia Kim, who had to be told the instructions in Korean.’
    • ‘Secondly, it really felt like I was listening to my kid sister's angsty response to high school heartbreak.’
    • ‘Could it be possible that guys treat me like a kid sister because I treat them like big brothers?’
    • ‘Shala remembers a sweet-natured kid sister, nearly twice her size, who loved to squeeze her tight.’
    • ‘The boys are all a few years older and treat their pint-size leader like a kid sister.’
    • ‘I'm not entirely opposed to pounding on guys that try to hit on my kid sister.’
    • ‘Her brothers have always treated Julie like a strange, contrasting combination of a delicate kid sister who needs protecting, and a ‘regular joe’ who can fight with the best of them.’
    • ‘Your kid sister found us, and that's why we had to move.’
    • ‘You guys did the right thing, and, at the end of the day, my kid sister's okay.’
    • ‘What made you think that my kid sister was a good person to work with on a project?’
    • ‘‘I practically raised my kid sister,’ he replied with a laugh.’
    • ‘Finally, Holden sneaks into his parents' apartment to visit his kid sister Phoebe, who's about the only person he seems to be able to communicate with.’
    • ‘I smiled at my kid sister through the rear-view mirror.’
    • ‘He lives in a trailer on the poor side of town with his kid sister, their mother and her boyfriend.’
    • ‘She was his kid sister, and he had to watch out for her.’
    • ‘Dad's relationship with my kid sister wasn't getting any better.’
    • ‘He made best friends with a crazy Southern Rhodesian pilot, went out to visit him after the war, and ended up marrying his kid sister.’


kid sister

/kid ˈsistər/ /kɪd ˈsɪstər/