Definition of kidney dialysis in English:

kidney dialysis

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Pronunciation /ˈkidnē dīˈaləsəs/ /ˈkɪdni daɪˈæləsəs/


‘Patients in the trust fitted with catheters, undergoing gut surgery, kidney dialysis and being treated on elderly medicine wards have been found to be more at risk.’
  • ‘The high incidence of patients who traveled south for kidney dialysis finally led to a recommendation to establish a dialysis unit in Yellowknife.’
  • ‘High blood pressure can be treated with medications, while the polycystic disease may require kidney dialysis or transplant.’
  • ‘He did not need kidney dialysis and continues to respond to medication.’
  • ‘Matthew, 27, who lives in York, endured 18 months of kidney dialysis three times a week after work at York Hospital Renal Unit and also had to restrict his fluid intake and diet before the complex transplant operation.’


kidney dialysis

/ˈkidnē dīˈaləsəs/ /ˈkɪdni daɪˈæləsəs/