Definition of kids' stuff in English:

kids' stuff

(North American kid stuff)


  • A thing regarded as childishly simple or naive.

    • ‘all this was kids' stuff compared to the directing’
    • ‘It was obvious that she loved them, but she was frustrated by her inability to be herself, which appeared to me to be a somewhat reserved type of person who wasn't very interested in kid stuff.’
    • ‘Most people still think that video games are sophomoric kid stuff; the ones that have a narrative and emulate the movies seem more serious and, well, mature.’
    • ‘They show that what the front office dismissed as kid stuff was, in reality, the greatest sustained burst of wit in American movie history.’
    • ‘With help from our favorite athletes and coaches, we've built a game-laden plan that turns staying in shape into kid stuff.’
    • ‘Heaven forbid that a guy likes to work or play, or that he gets distracted by adult life, or that he simply sometimes finds kid stuff boring.’
    • ‘Cartoon Network won't be just kids' stuff for much longer.’
    • ‘For a long time, cartoons and animated features looked like kids' stuff.’
    • ‘Coincidentally… we both share the same birthday and I didn't want the people at work to believe I was still into that kid stuff.’
    • ‘Demographic-driven marketing isn't just kid stuff, of course.’
    • ‘He and Zoë have never really gotten along, ever since we were little and they used to fight about who would sit next to me and silly little kid stuff like that.’