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nounplural noun kikois

  • 1A distinctive East African striped cloth with an end fringe.

    ‘A kikoi - a stripy piece of cotton cloth from Kenya - but a sarong or some such would do as well.’
    • ‘Kenya stands to lose the name Kikoi, associated with locally made fabrics.’
    1. 1.1A garment made of kikoi, worn around the waist.
      ‘The wind blows huge squalls of fine grey sand everywhere, so kikois (large cotton scarves) are wrapped around our heads, Lawrence of Arabia style.’
      • ‘He tucked it into a kikoi wrapped round his waist.’
      • ‘Folded into a narrow strip, our traditional Tanzanian sarong (or ‘kikoi’) makes an ideal central dressing for the refectory table; with this in place as an ‘inspiration piece’, the ideas fairly flow from us.’
      • ‘Men wore a striped cloth (kikoi) around the waist that hung to the knees.’



/kiˈkoi/ /kɪˈkɔɪ/