Definition of kill oneself laughing in English:

kill oneself laughing


informal mainly British
  • Be overcome with laughter.

    • ‘The schedulers must have been killing themselves laughing when they thought of that little wheeze.’
    • ‘When I first did a read-through round at John's house, we had to keep stopping because I was just killing myself laughing.’
    • ‘Within minutes I was killing myself laughing at her description of the self - congratulatory bigwigs of the media set.’
    • ‘Then she and Gil banged heads in the hotel room and Gil cried ‘ouch’ and suddenly she was killing herself laughing.’
    • ‘If you said to me during pre-season that this would happen I'd have killed myself laughing, everything was going really well.’
    • ‘We knew it and it always ended up with the two of us killing ourselves laughing at each other as we would both give in at the same time.’
    • ‘What makes it even better is I know she would have been killing herself laughing as she packed it.’
    • ‘Wendy and I nearly killed ourselves laughing at that French woman.’
    • ‘The only reason I remembered the weird ones was because I killed myself laughing when I re-read the list in the car on the way here.’
    • ‘If I write a funny line and kill myself laughing over it, I guarantee you it's not funny.’