Definition of kill switch in English:

kill switch


  • 1A mechanism for switching off a machine abruptly, especially in an emergency.

    ‘it is handy to have a strategically placed kill switch to stop the engine immediately’
    • ‘Afraid of engine seizure or an explosion, Mort hit the kill switch.’
    • ‘An emergency stop switch, hardwired into the kill switch of the ignition, was placed on top of the dashboard.’
    • ‘The boat, which would normally be stopped by a kill switch, continued out to open sea minus the driver who was left to swim to shore.’
    • ‘Often, kill switches are used to protect people from sustaining an injury or being killed.’
    • ‘After I hit the kill switch and coasted into Mac's garage that night, my lovely car never came to life again.’
    • ‘He duly stopped the bike, hit the kill switch and we took off our lids.’
    • ‘A spokesman for Bundoran RNLI said that a life jacket and having an emergency kill switch fitted to the engine had helped save the man's life.’
    • ‘Would you really get on an airplane and fly 30,000 feet in the air if you thought one little kill switch could take it down?’
    • ‘After the deaths, NASCAR started looking at new safety features, such as kill switches for motors.’
    • ‘When you're running a small boat on the Missouri River today, be sure to use a tethered kill switch on the engine.’
    1. 1.1A computer function for disabling software or a device remotely.
      ‘83 percent of the smartphone owners surveyed believed a kill switch would reduce phone theft’
      • ‘Electronic measures, kill switches, can remove the eBook from your reader at the copyright holder's discretion.’
      • ‘U.S. law enforcement officials have been demanding that manufacturers create kill switches to combat surging smartphone theft across the country.’
      • ‘Now, a major publisher of top writers has flipped the kill switch on 40 of its ebooks on Amazon.’
      • ‘Militaries want laws regarding cyber weapons, laws enabling wholesale surveillance, and laws mandating an Internet kill switch.’
      • ‘The website also suggested that a built-in kill switch could be used to remotely kill and remove malware.’
      • ‘Software kill switches have been shown to have varying degrees of success, as false positives have been known to occur.’
      • ‘There is some anecdotal evidence that some software vendors install kill switches in their software to enforce planned obsolescence.’
      • ‘Data retention laws and Internet kill switches won't work and they'll all make us less safe.’
      • ‘U.S. stock exchanges agreed with regulators to reforms, including a kill switch that would halt trading during emergencies.’