Definition of kill zone in English:

kill zone

(also killing zone)


  • 1The area of a military engagement with a high concentration of fatalities.

    • ‘Successful decisive combat operations are characterized by the application of overwhelming precision firepower in a killing zone while countering the enemy's ability to effectively return fire.’
    • ‘At the onset of the war, both American and South Vietnamese government troops were routinely caught blindly entering the kill zone of enemy ambush sites.’
    • ‘Proper training and preparation allowed us to react to the ambush, exit the kill zone, and effectively return fire against the enemy.’
    • ‘The diversionary group takes a position some distance away from the ambush kill zone.’
    • ‘In the area in and around the Freeman's Farm clearing, many British died, trapped in the killing zone of the open field.’
  • 2The area of the human body where entry of a projectile would kill, especially as indicated on a target for shooting practice.

    • ‘A simple paper plate is about the size of the kill zone on most big game animals.’
    • ‘I had the crosshairs on his kill zone when a thought crossed my mind: ‘Is he the legal 15 inches tall?’ At 100 yards, it was hard to be sure.’
    • ‘Amazingly, the buck stopped right where the doe had - 15 yards in front of the stand, his kill zone perfectly exposed.’