Definition of killer cell in English:

killer cell


  • A white blood cell (a type of lymphocyte) which destroys infected or cancerous cells.

    ‘The thinking which lies behind much of the new work is that killer cells in the immune system can be trained to attack malignant tumours when they wouldn't otherwise.’
    • ‘Researchers believe that gray cells may be a primitive form of our immune system's human killer cells.’
    • ‘The metaphors used for cancer are often military terms such as war on cancer, killer cells, magic bullets, and the need for patients to adopt a fighting spirit.’
    • ‘So they basically give out signals to an infantry, which in this case would be the killer cells that engage the virus in infected individuals, and help to set up this co-ordinated defence.’
    • ‘Natural killer cells are continually poised to attack if a virus strikes.’


killer cell

/ˈkilər sel/ /ˈkɪlər sɛl/