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killer whale

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  • another term for orca

    ‘A lone killer whale near a Canadian fishing village was a skilled mimic that barked just like a sea lion, a new study reveals.’
    • ‘The most popular attractions, particularly with the kids, are the dolphins, the killer whale and the five beluga whales in a tank.’
    • ‘Fifty or more feet long and weighing an estimated forty tons, Shonisaurus was one of the largest creatures of its time - about the size of a modern sperm whale and twice the size of a killer whale.’
    • ‘No dependency of group size on length was obvious in the striped dolphin and the killer whale.’
    • ‘The Arctic teems with life, from its largest predators, the killer whale and the polar bear, to small birds like the tiny Arctic tern.’
    • ‘Victoria's waters, home of the Orca killer whale, remain at about 10-degrees Celsius throughout the year.’
    • ‘While few have actually observed a killer whale attack a sea otter, many believe they would based on the increasing loss of hooked fish to the hungry whales.’
    • ‘According to one report posted on the Internet, a killer whale lunged completely out of the water, stranding itself on an ice floe as it grabbed a seal.’
    • ‘But I've listened to some of these anti-sub sonars and they have a similar effect to the sound of a killer whale.’
    • ‘For sheer size and predatory power, the killer whale is probably the closest thing to a living Tyrannosaurus rex on Earth today.’
    • ‘When the gulls landed on the water, the killer whale would then attempt to capture them in her mouth, without killing them.’
    • ‘Aside from humans, who hunt them for their skin, their chief predator appears to be the killer whale.’
    • ‘The book also tells of an intrepid United States Navy photographer in a polar region who stepped onto an ice floe to attract a killer whale, detected by a horde of penguins and seals leaping out of the water and onto the ice to avoid being eaten.’
    • ‘Aside from humans, their principal enemies are the polar bear and killer whale.’
    • ‘Although Orkney's seals seem to have escaped the worst of the deadly virus, PDV, it now looks like the seals are facing an altogether different threat - a killer whale.’
    • ‘Steller sea lions were once the primary prey of the killer whale.’
    • ‘The infamous killer whale has a reputation for attacking mammals such as sea-lions, smaller dolphins and, in packs, even other whales.’
    • ‘Historically, this close relationship may have stemmed from the killer whale's habit of driving small whales ashore.’
    • ‘And when Ki, the killer whale, started attacking him, he somehow remained calm, and calmed the whale.’
    • ‘The first killer whale was born in captivity in California.’


killer whale

/ˈkilər ˌ(h)wāl/ /ˈkɪlər ˌ(h)weɪl/