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‘The story gives us one killingly funny observation after another: ‘Parker and his graduate student colleagues liked to theorize about the real world.’’
  • ‘It seems a strange role for him, very British in its humour and, on the page at least, killingly unfunny.’
  • ‘To my mind, Alan's film is daring, experimental, ballsy - it's something new, for Christ's sake, new! - and killingly funny.’
  • ‘This premise provides the author with the most marvellous springboard on which he launches some killingly funny lines, some serious observations, and some fantastic opportunities for his cast.’
  • ‘The show is killingly funny and the cast rise to the occasions that are presented to them with a panache rarely seen in ensemble playing.’



/ˈkiliNGlē/ /ˈkɪlɪŋli/