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nounplural noun kilos

  • 1A kilogram.

    ‘Also, no single piece of luggage should exceed 70 pounds or 32 kilos in weight.’
    • ‘Borg kept his weight during a tournament at 73 kilos: a hectogram up or down and he'd feel either bloated or weak.’
    • ‘After six weeks, I had put on a lot of weight, almost a kilo [2.2 pounds] a day.’
    • ‘And shoppers said today they would continue to ask for produce in pounds and ounces rather than kilos.’
    • ‘Joshua was born weighing just 18 ounces - half a kilo or just over a pound - on Sunday after an emergency caesarean.’
    • ‘He has a best deep knee squat lift of 125 kilos, a best bench press lift of 80 kilos and a best dead weight lift of 150 kilos.’
    • ‘Redah remembers queuing at the corner shop to pick up her family's monthly food rations: 1.25 kilograms of rice, a half kilo of sugar, 100 grams of tea and a bar of soap.’
    • ‘At the same time, employers have lifted the daily quota of tea leaves from 12 kilos to 18 kilos.’
    • ‘Those countries that don't have any specialists in the kilo voted against the kilo.’
    • ‘New European regulations that came into force on January 1 dictate that loose goods must be sold in grams and kilos.’
    • ‘No thought is given to the children who are taught in kilos and grams.’
    • ‘Tonnes of mutton, gallons of milk and kilos of protein supplements go into the bodies.’
    • ‘Unlike the change from old to new money, we have not been compelled to accept kilos and grams.’
    • ‘I can handle six or seven hundred kilos without any real problems.’
    • ‘Howard estimated he easily weighed three hundred and fifty kilos.’
    • ‘Three or four hundred kilos a year was not an exceptional intake for one family.’
    • ‘She has a competition weight of 63.5 kilos but, in order to remain light, eats a mere 2,000 calories a day when she is at peak fitness.’
    • ‘I had by then lost 10 kilos in weight, I was very frail, I had a disabled ticket so my wife could drive me around and park.’
    • ‘He got very sick, and caught tuberculosis as well, dropping from 70 to 50 kilos in weight.’
    • ‘The clothes would be fine if she were about one hundred kilos thinner.’
  • 2 rare A kilometer.

    ‘There arrived late one afternoon a despatch requesting the pleasure of my society - in five hours' time - at a village some twenty kilos distant.’
    • ‘He covered the distance of 90 kilos in less then a day.’
  • 3A code word representing the letter K, used in radio communication.

    • ‘Like data transfer rates, frequencies can be very large, so the standard large units are used to note them: kilo (K), mega (M), and giga (G).’



/ˈkēlō/ /ˈkiloʊ/ /ˈkilō/ /ˈkɪloʊ/


Late 19th century from French, abbreviation of kilogramme, kilomètre.