Definition of kilobase in English:


(also kb)

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Pronunciation /ˈkiləˌbās/ /ˈkɪləˌbeɪs/


  • (in expressing the lengths of nucleic acid molecules) 1,000 bases.

    • ‘The numbers on the right refer to the positions of molecular length markers in kilobases.’
    • ‘This figure was used to convert subsequent contour measurements from nanometers to kilobases.’
    • ‘Intron lengths are given in kilobases and are not drawn to scale’
    • ‘The virus itself is a spherical enveloped virion, between 80 and 160 nm diameter, and has single stranded RNA of about 30 kilobases, the largest genome of all ssRNA viruses.’
    • ‘The molecular weights in kilobases of the fragments detected are indicated at the left and right.’



/ˈkiləˌbās/ /ˈkɪləˌbeɪs/