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(also British kilogramme)
  • The SI unit of mass (equivalent to approximately 2.205 lb), first introduced as a unit of mass for the metric system.

    The kilogram was originally defined as the weight of a cubic decimeter of water at a particular temperature, this being represented for practical purposes by a metal cylinder of the same mass kept at Saint-Cloud near Paris. In 2019 it was redefined in terms of Planck’s constant

    ‘These systems would send tens or hundreds of kilograms instead of tons into orbit per launch.’
    • ‘Their opinion is no more valid than it would be if they declared pounds henceforth equivalent to kilograms.’
    • ‘By trading in imperial measures (pounds and ounces), he was apparently contravening legislation that came into being on 1 January which made the kilogramme the standard unit measurement of weight for loose goods in Britain.’
    • ‘Weight was measured to the nearest kilogram using a portable bathroom scale.’
    • ‘A newton has a mass unit of kilograms and an acceleration unit of meters squared per second.’
    • ‘Birth weight was recorded in pounds and ounces and converted into kilograms.’
    • ‘Obesity, which is a risk factor for chronic diseases like diabetes, is calculated using the body mass index dividing weight in kilogrammes by height in metres.’
    • ‘And did you know…… that full braking requires the brake pedal to be actuated with a force equivalent to 80 kilogrammes?’
    • ‘Did you know that the athletes taking part will eat 25,000 kilogrammes of cheese, more than 10,000 kilogrammes of pasta, and a hundred kilogrammes of garlic.’
    • ‘To study obesity we use body mass index or weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters.’
    • ‘About four kilograms of pounded sorghum and eight kilograms of brown sugar are added to one hundred liters of water.’
    • ‘Bunches vary hugely in size depending on that year's fruit set and vine variety, from a few grams to many kilograms.’
    • ‘Rose attar is the costliest since a hundred kilograms of roses yield only two grams of attar.’
    • ‘A liter is a cube one-tenth of a meter across, and a kilogram is the weight of one liter of water.’
    • ‘The top farms are more heavily stocked and therefore produce more kilograms of liveweight per hectare.’
    • ‘A person's BMI is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by height in meters squared.’
    • ‘Progress can be slow; you measure it in inches and feet, not miles or kilograms.’
    • ‘Take your weight in kilograms and divide it by your height in metres squared.’
    • ‘One kilogram of freshly grated cassava yields approximately 400 grams of cassava meal.’
    • ‘The missiles are filled with volatile rocket fuel and two hundred kilograms of high explosives.’



/ˈkiləˌɡram/ /ˈkɪləˌɡræm/


Late 18th century from French kilogramme (see kilo-, gram).