Definition of kimchi in English:


(also kimchee)

Pronunciation /ˈkimCHē/ /ˈkɪmtʃi/


  • A Korean dish of spicy pickled cabbage.

    ‘The Korean national dish is kimchi, a spicy, fermented pickled vegetable mixture whose primary ingredient is cabbage.’
    • ‘Here and there we could see both farmers and military personnel busy gathering Chinese cabbages and Japanese radishes to make the spicy Korean dish of kimchi.’
    • ‘A standard meal consists of rice, soup, kimchi (a spicy Korean pickle), vegetables, and broiled or grilled meat or fish.’
    • ‘The dinner, which featured kimchi, a traditional Korean dish of hotly spiced Chinese cabbage, and clear distilled liquor made in South Korea, had a friendly atmosphere, the sources said.’
    • ‘If that's the case, try jazzing up your remaining sticky rice after the toppings have been savoured with the hot sauce from your entrée or, even better, slather some kimchi over top.’