Definition of kindheartedness in English:



See kindhearted

‘What if she had made use of her popularity to encourage those tycoons who were present on that day to open up their hearts and their wallets for the disaster victims in order to show their generosity and kind-heartedness.’
  • ‘It is the people of York and surrounding areas who raise the money - it is your generosity and kind-heartedness which will guarantee the success of this appeal.’
  • ‘Ultimately, this served the interests of those who were able to use their close relations with the president and exploit his kind-heartedness, to the detriment of the interests of the president himself.’
  • ‘Boxes filled with emergency goods are winging their way to victims of the Iranian earthquake, thanks to the kind-heartedness of Amesbury Rotary Club members.’
  • ‘These are the professional matchmakers, but there are also matchmakers who just promote marriage out of kind-heartedness.’



/ˌkīndˈhärdədnəs/ /ˌkaɪndˈhɑrdədnəs/