Definition of kinematics in English:


plural noun

usually treated as singular
  • 1The branch of mechanics concerned with the motion of objects without reference to the forces which cause the motion.

    Compare with dynamics

    ‘Again I want to note that because photons are massless, Newtonian kinematics and ‘force’ do us absolutely no good here.’
    • ‘In 1903 he published Geometrie der Dynamen which considered euclidean kinematics and the mechanics of rigid bodies.’
    • ‘Drosophila melanogaster has been a valuable model system for the analysis of flight kinematics, aerodynamics and mechanics.’
    • ‘The software includes sample analysis, related movies, and activity guides for topics such as kinematics and dynamics.’
    • ‘However when I learned calculus a whole new appreciation for kinematics blossomed.’
    1. 1.1usually treated as plural The features or properties of motion in an object.
      ‘At any speed, a combination of kinematics generating thrust in excess of drag will permit a bird to accelerate.’
      • ‘Locomotor kinematics in mackerel are similar to tuna and mackerel swim steadily at speeds of 1-2 body lengths per second in the field.’
      • ‘A rowing fin that oscillates about its root requires slightly different kinematics from the simple heaving and pitching plate.’
      • ‘Steady swimming behavior was first studied via video analysis of basic kinematics in steadily swimming rainbow trout.’
      • ‘Acanthophis slightly modified the typical elapid morphology which allowed it to approach but not achieve viper-like kinematics.’



/ˌkinəˈmadiks/ /ˌkɪnəˈmædɪks/


Mid 19th century from Greek kinēma, kinēmat- ‘motion’ (from kinein ‘to move’) + -ics.