Definition of kinesiological in English:



See kinesiology

‘There are however, kinesiological and mechanical parameters that must be followed during these stages that can affect the short-term efficiency of the stroke and the long-term integrity of the shoulder.’
  • ‘It is my personal opinion, however, that it is very dangerous for a practitioner to abandon the diagnostic discipline of his own particular therapeutic modality solely on the basis of kinesiological diagnosis.’
  • ‘Whether or not Australian coaches understand kinesiological principles, the Australians obviously follow a superior stroke model that is promoted at the earliest levels of competition.’
  • ‘The current Australian stars emulate a technique that is best described by the drag theorists and follows the kinesiological model of what is humanly mechanically superior.’
  • ‘A kinesiological test suggested that Paula was not responding well to wheat so we decided to take this out of her diet for a few weeks.’



/-sēəˈläjikəl/ /-zēə-/