Definition of kinesthesia in English:



(British kinaesthesia)
  • Awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body by means of sensory organs (proprioceptors) in the muscles and joints.

    ‘Notably absent from this conventional taxonomy, however, is kinesthesia, our sensory awareness of the position and movement of the body.’
    • ‘They have lost their proprioception (the sense of the body's position) and kinesthesia (the sense of the body's motion).’
    • ‘The feeling of movement - discussed as kinaesthesia - is married to a musical sequence, by which the shapes seem to converse in a kind of inner-skull environment.’
    • ‘The activity that unifies the diverse sensations taste, smells, kinesthesia, touch, sound, vision - and which structures the infant's behaviour, is the apperception of the body image.’
    • ‘His eyes mirrored as his vision shifted to a broader range of wavelengths, his hearing and smell and kinesthesia boosting in concert.’



/ˌkinəsˈTHēZH(ē)ə/ /ˌkɪnəsˈθiʒ(i)ə/


Late 19th century from Greek kinein ‘to move’ + aisthēsis ‘sensation’.