Definition of kinetic theory in English:

kinetic theory


  • The body of theory which explains the physical properties of matter in terms of the motions of its constituent particles.

    ‘Several properties of a gaseous sample can be explained readily by the features of a model of gas behavior called the kinetic-molecular theory or simply kinetic theory.’
    • ‘Because the pressure exerted is a function of the speed of the molecules, kinetic theory states that the pressure will increase if the energy of the molecules increases.’
    • ‘In analyzing the data, chemical kinetic theory was used to obtain the rate constant for unfolding.’
    • ‘On the other hand, kinetic theory allows one to model long-time processes but ignores short distance spatial fluctuations, important in nucleation and growth.’
    • ‘The kinetic theory of gases pictures a gas as composed of a very large number of molecules whose size is small compared with the average distance between molecules.’


kinetic theory

/kəˈnedik ˈTHiərē/ /kəˈnɛdɪk ˈθɪəri/ /ˈTHirē/ /ˈθɪri/