Definition of kinetoplast in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈnetəˌplast/ /-ˈnētə-/ /kəˈnidoʊˌplæst/


  • A mass of mitochondrial DNA lying close to the nucleus in some flagellate protozoa.

    • ‘It is important to see the nucleus and the rod-shaped kinetoplast, a mitochondrial structure containing extranuclear DNA, to diagnose leishmaniasis.’
    • ‘The mitochondrial DNA is condensed into a massive body called the kinetoplast.’
    • ‘Numerous histiocytes contained small oval organisms with bar-shaped paranuclear kinetoplasts, morphologically consistent with leishmanial parasites.’
    • ‘Leishmania species amastigotes are round and exhibit paranuclear bodies (kinetoplasts).’
    • ‘We detected antibodies to double-stranded DNA by using the lie method on Crithidia luciliae substrate, and we considered the tests positive when all of the kinetoplast was stained at serum dilutions of 1: 20.’



/kəˈnetəˌplast/ /-ˈnētə-/ /kəˈnidoʊˌplæst/