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king cobra

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Pronunciation /kiNG ˈkōbrə/ /kɪŋ ˈkoʊbrə/


  • A brownish cobra with an orange-cream throat patch, native to southern Asia. It is the largest of all venomous snakes.

    Ophiophagus hannah, family Elapidae

    • ‘Likening his unblinking stare to a king cobra on the verge of striking, she notes that Pirabhakaran had ‘gone taut, all ready to spring.’’
    • ‘On her tail was a snake-like demon that stood about human-height, with arms stretching nearly to the floor, and a curved, hood of a head, much like that of a king cobra.’
    • ‘A king cobra's nest was discovered on May 1 near the house of Mogappa, a coffee and cardamom grower, near Kumarahalli Bachahalli in Kodagu.’
    • ‘They soon came to a passageway, and as they marched along the corridor, Miri noticed the large king cobra followed on the heels of the Prophet just as a dog follows its master.’
    • ‘‘I think you'd better speak to my husband,’ she said with a cold stare that would have petrified a king cobra.’


king cobra

/kiNG ˈkōbrə/ /kɪŋ ˈkoʊbrə/