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king penguin

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Pronunciation /kiNG ˈpeNGɡwən/ /kɪŋ ˈpɛŋɡwən/


  • A large penguin native to Antarctic islands as well as the Falklands and other subantarctic islands.

    Aptenodytes patagonica, family Spheniscidae

    ‘Similar in size to present-day yellow-eyed or king penguins, Waimanu penguins stood about 26 to 30 inches tall.’
    • ‘The rest stay aboard a 233-foot Finnish research vessel, taking day trips to see the island's king penguins, elephant seals, and giant petrels.’
    • ‘While king penguins are a sub-Antarctic species, being based on islands dotted around the continent, emperor penguins are animals of the deep south.’
    • ‘Although their habitat is warmer than that of emperor penguins, king penguins have four layers of feathers and huddle together for warmth.’
    • ‘The king penguin feeds on fish, but specializes in eating squid.’


king penguin

/kiNG ˈpeNGɡwən/ /kɪŋ ˈpɛŋɡwən/