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Pronunciation /ˈkiNGˌbōlt/ /ˈkɪŋˌboʊlt/


  • A kingpin in a mechanical structure.

    • ‘The adjusting disks thereby invariably define a position of the kingbolt with respect to the supporting arms.’
    • ‘While Jake was hitting the kingbolts with a screwdriver, the garage owner came by and said to stop doing that, as it was hard on the screwdriver.’
    • ‘This caster uses Bestway's patented double ball kingboltless design to eliminate the need for rivets or kingbolts.’
    • ‘There were broken axles, broken wheels and fellies, broken kingbolts and run-off rims, to try the patience of the weary travelers who were forced to resort to their own ingenuity in making repairs, being miles away from any possible relief.’
    • ‘M.C. Henley patented a truck in which the tension of the cushions could be adjusted by a screw, like the modern day kingbolt.’



/ˈkiNGˌbōlt/ /ˈkɪŋˌboʊlt/