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  • An often brightly colored bird with a large head and long sharp beak, typically diving for fish from a perch. Many of the tropical kinds live in forests and feed on terrestrial prey such as insects and lizards.

    Family Alcedinidae: many genera and numerous species, especially the belted kingfisher (Ceryle alcyon), with blue-gray and white plumage and a shaggy crest, found throughout North America

    ‘There were more stretches through wilderness and spotting shoals of fish, cormorants, cranes, owls, spoonbills, kingfishers, woodpeckers, and a few snakes.’
    • ‘Like motmots and todies, kingfishers often have brilliant plumage, are largely insectivorous, and nest in cavities that are often excavated in earthen banks.’
    • ‘The array of birds included a hen harrier, barn owls, kingfishers, sparrowhawks, long-eared owls, kestrels and woodpeckers.’
    • ‘Dozens of other birds - warblers, wrens, cuckoos, cardinals, kingfishers, doves, owls, hawks and herons - traverse the sky and the trees.’
    • ‘These incoming crowds are, in turn, boosting numbers of fish-eating birds, such as herons, kingfishers, and grebes.’
    • ‘Flocks of wintering water birds include the thrush, the kingfisher, the robin, the shama, the barbet, the bee-eater, the flycatcher, the sunbird, the bulbul and the drongo.’
    • ‘In fall you'll see Northern flickers, herons, kingfishers, downy woodpeckers, and lots of ducks (common goldeneyes, mallards, mergansers).’
    • ‘Mr Deacon says that far from damaging wildlife, the lake and wetlands already attract kingfishers, mallards, woodpeckers, coots, waterhens, curlews, plovers, deer and foxes.’
    • ‘We didn't catch that fish, or any fish, but we had a great day with kingfishers, peregrine falcons and buzzards for company.’
    • ‘Otters, badgers, kestrels, lapwing, buzzards and kingfishers are just a few of the animals and birds under threat along the Clanrye River between the Belfast and Tandragee Roads north of Newry.’
    • ‘Just months after Edwards Dam was removed, birds such as ospreys, bald eagles, and kingfishers returned.’
    • ‘There are still many native birds in the shrubland including bellbirds, kingfishers, silvereye and the hawk or kahu.’
    • ‘Although kingfishers, bee eaters, storks, dragonflies, mosquitoes and ants are all part of his photographic repertoire, the wary hoopoe has been dodging his lens for years.’
    • ‘All the common species are here - blackbirds and thrushes and the like - plus goldfinches, swallows, kingfishers and grebes on the pond.’
    • ‘The little oasis on Buckshaw Hall Road, off Chancery Road, has been home to kingfishers, herons, mallard and a moorhen that has recently settled there.’
    • ‘A pond near an amphitheater from Alexander the Great's time had a black-crowned night heron, a few little egrets, pied kingfishers and black-winged stilts.’
    • ‘Cats - especially those breeding in the wild - along with stoats and ferrets, moreporks, blackbirds and kingfishers are the worst enemies of the lizards.’
    • ‘Sara thought it was a kingfisher and, let me tell you, she knows kingfishers.’
    • ‘Studies confirm the most delicate and exotic species - butterflies, dragonflies, otters, kingfishers, woodpeckers - do indeed get wiped out.’
    • ‘The idea grew out of an effort to save highly endangered Micronesian kingfishers in Guam, where many bird species had been decimated by a brown snake invasion.’



/ˈkiNGˌfiSHər/ /ˈkɪŋˌfɪʃər/