Definition of kingly in English:


adjectivekinglier, kingliest

  • Associated with or typical of a king; regal.

    ‘his kingly duties’
    • ‘The kingly or lordly attitude is one way: I make these wonderful objects and don't you come and mess about with them or misunderstand them.’
    • ‘The king looked at her in a very kingly and grand fashion.’
    • ‘What kingly magnificence could mean is brought to life by the great barrow-burial at Sutton Hoo on the East Anglian coast.’
    • ‘Senior sources say the prince will adopt a more kingly style, representing the Queen on more foreign assignments.’
    • ‘To get to the top of this ladder, New York's low-level jesters enter the freestyle circuit with playful puns about guns delivered in predictable monotones, with hopes of one day garnering kingly success.’
    royal, regal, of a king, monarchical, sovereign, imperial, princely, crowned, supreme, absolute
    regal, majestic, stately, august, noble, lordly, proud, dignified, distinguished, courtly
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