Definition of kingship in English:


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  • The state or position of being a king.

    ‘upon his succession to the kingship David retained his English estates’
    • ‘Edmund assumed kingship of Mercia’
    • ‘Each army is led by a powerful Greek chieftain who aides him in regaining the kingship.’
    • ‘Following the division of the Carolingian Empire in 843, the Ottonian rulers united their German kingship with the imperial crown.’
    • ‘Macbeth cannot contemplate kingship for himself without imagining turning his sword against the king.’
    • ‘Forceful, dominant, and fertile, the ram is a visual metaphor of kingship.’
    • ‘Confined by illness and death-threats to Whitehall, Cromwell wrestles with Parliament's offer of kingship.’
    • ‘He recounts the failure of Yorkist kingship.’
    • ‘Horus was the god of kingship; every ruler of Egypt was his incarnation.’
    • ‘This is a Lear who learns too late that kingship is no protection against ordinary mortal suffering.’
    • ‘Succession dispute is a common feature of all these kingships.’
    • ‘The principle of divine kingship was maintained even when the king was replaced by rulers drawn from outside the family of the enthroned king.’



/ˈkiNGˌSHip/ /ˈkɪŋˌʃɪp/