Definition of kinkily in English:



See kinky

‘It's a kinkily fun ride to a finale designed to delight the dedicated but offend just about everyone else.’
  • ‘Unaware of me observing him he looked at the kinkily dressed shop window dummies and pleased with what he saw, smiled to himself.’
  • ‘He photographed different bits of her body, and also made lubricious home movies in which she blew soapy bubbles through a phallic pipe or kinkily grappled with another woman.’
  • ‘The 83 year old photographer was noted for his striking use in fashion images of women, usually big, blonde and kinkily stylish, often largely naked except for high heels.’
  • ‘The clip features a happily married couple from Omaha who are placed on a tropical island where the husband is paired with a lone voluptuous African American prostitute for a week, while the wife enjoys the company of five muscular men, some of whom are kinkily attired.’