Definition of Kinorhyncha in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkinəˈriNGkə/ /ˌkē-/ /ˌkɪnəˈrɪŋkə/

plural noun

  • A small phylum of minute marine invertebrates that have a spiny body and burrow in sand or mud.

    ‘I was assigned the Kinorhyncha, Tardigrada and Priapulida as topics to present.’
    • ‘The fine structure of the mouth cone, the introvert with scalids, and the circumenteric brain indicate that this meiofaunal phylum is monophyletic, related to Kinorhyncha and Priapulida.’
    • ‘The Kinorhyncha are microscopic, spiny-headed worms.’
    • ‘All species of Kinorhyncha show a species-specific pattern of sensory spots on the trunk.’
    • ‘Based on these preliminary observations we expect to find about 5 different species of Kinorhyncha in these particular samples.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Greek kinein ‘set in motion’ + rhunkos ‘snout’.



/ˌkinəˈriNGkə/ /ˌkē-/ /ˌkɪnəˈrɪŋkə/