Definition of kiss and make up in English:

kiss and make up


  • Become reconciled.

    ‘We have our little spats from time to time, but we always kiss and make up before the neighbors start to wonder.’
    • ‘He was supposed to say sorry and she was supposed to forgive him, then they'd kiss and make up.’
    • ‘It was time for the brothers to kiss and make up, and also for Owen to reconcile with Davey.’
    • ‘You know sisters argue, and they kiss and make up and that's just how our relationship was.’
    • ‘I think she has it in her head that if she gets us all in the same room we'll crack and kiss and make up.’
    • ‘Along comes a referee intent on making peace but instead of getting both sides to kiss and make up the peacemaker only exacerbates the situation.’
    • ‘We have got to kiss and make up with the staff we have been in dispute with and get the team rebuilt.’
    • ‘Both men, he says, were forced to kiss and make up in front of everybody on the team bus on Friday afternoon.’
    • ‘Well after couples have a fight, they kiss and make up.’
    • ‘The most important thing for Cole is to think independently of his agent before he chooses whether or not to kiss and make up with Arsenal.’