Definition of kiss of death in English:

kiss of death

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  • An action or event that causes certain failure for an enterprise.

    ‘it would be the kiss of death for the company if it could be proved that the food was unsafe’
    • ‘This turn of events may be the kiss of death to such reform efforts as were underway.’
    • ‘It is unclear exactly how to go about impressing the sisters, but a failure to do so is a frequently cited kiss of death.’
    • ‘Correspondents were mainly concerned that anything described as rural seems afflicted with the kiss of death where government departments are concerned.’
    • ‘Media coverage of your work is the kiss of death.’
    • ‘It was France and Russia that gave the existing system the kiss of death by exposing its emptiness and fundamental immorality.’
    • ‘I used to hold up couples I knew as ‘perfect couples,’ until a string of divorces proved it to be the kiss of death.’
    • ‘In a culture driven by youth, beauty and vitality, illness doesn't have to be terminal to be the kiss of death to a flourishing career, or an Oscar nomination.’
    • ‘It could be the kiss of death for their marriage, which has lasted 31 years or something like that, you know.’
    • ‘It's the kiss of death if the president comes to praise your program.’
    • ‘Well, personally I would have thought that Arts Council support was the kiss of death for anything, but once again that's just me.’