Definition of kiss something goodbye in English:

kiss something goodbye


(also kiss goodbye to something)
  • Accept the certain loss of something.

    • ‘I could kiss my career goodbye’
    • ‘Leeds, for all their excellent progress in the Champions League, can realistically kiss the league championship goodbye after this defeat.’
    • ‘Step out of line and you can kiss your career goodbye.’
    • ‘Looks like the administration has decided on one strategy for jump-starting the economy - kissing the strong dollar goodbye.’
    • ‘A solder has kissed goodbye to his Army career after being jailed for beating his wife.’
    • ‘In one of his dreams, we see him riding to work on the metro during rush hour and announcing that he is kissing his old life goodbye.’
    • ‘If the manager's nicknames for his Dodgers are any indication of his talents, you can kiss this season goodbye.’
    • ‘You could kiss the nature reserve goodbye if they build that development.’
    • ‘As far as I can tell, treating your client to a karaoke power-lunch over here could mean kissing your deal goodbye.’
    • ‘Premiers Maclean can kiss goodbye to their twin premiership titles if they incur yet another loss in Saturday's clash with Southern Cross Uni.’
    • ‘Students planning on returning to the United States for another co-op term must now kiss that opportunity goodbye.’